LSPA, founded in 1898, is a member supported nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the special environment of the Lake Sunapee Region through education, research and collaborative action.

The Lake is the one jewel that calls us all here.
— Col. W.S.B. Hopkins - LSPA's first President, 1898

What We Do

LSPA works year-round to maintain the quality of Lake Sunapee and its watershed. LSPA's educational outreach is to all residents, lake users, students and visitors in the Lake Sunapee region. LSPA has over 1000 family and business members who support LSPA both financially and as volunteers. LSPA volunteers wear numerous hats - as invasive-watchers, water monitors, citizen scientists, lake hosts and committee members.

LSPA's programs are in-depth and cover:

  • Water quality
  • Watershed science
  • Environmental education

Outreach for children, families and adults.

LSPA actively engages in scientific research, water quality sampling, laboratory analysis for water quality parameters, prevention and control of invasive aquatic species, and education programs.

LSPA's biannual publication, the Beacon, keeps members and the public up-to-date.

Our Vision Statement

The special qualities of the Sunapee Lake Region contain the seeds of its destruction.

Its beauty, its quiet vistas, its refreshing waters, and the recreational opportunities it offers are powerful magnets to many users. The impact of human behavior puts the watershed environment at risk.

We are all its caretakers.

         All who live here, all who work here, all who visit here are its stewards.

We are responsible for the quality of our environment, now and for the future.

Not every use of land or water is wise or sustainable. It is imperative that our lives and our community choices reflect a sensible balance between self-interest and the common good.

The Lake Sunapee Protective Association (LSPA) will play a leadership role in providing knowledge that facilitates environmentally sound decisions.

        We intend to strengthen and expand:

  • Scientific research leading to better ecological understanding
  • Educational outreach to share this knowledge
  • Community and academic alliances

Our love of this region calls us to action today.

       We owe it to future generations to care for this special place.