Aquatic Plant and Animal Resources

The following documents, websites, presentations and videos provide useful information on how to identify aquatic plants and animals and to determine if they are invasive. Visit our Species On The Move page for maps and links showing which invasive species are spreading in the Northeast and to learn more about them. 


Quick Key to Ruling Out Invasive Plants 

This is an excellent two page guide from the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program that helps people with no previous plant identification experience learn how to quickly determine if a plant is invasive or not.

LSPA's Invasive Bivalves Pamphlet

This pamphlet describes the threat of Asian clams, zebra and quagga mussels and what they look like.

NH Department of Environmental Services Aquatic Plants and Algae

This guide provides a summary of the more common native and invasive aquatic plants seen in NH.

Identifying Freshwater Aquatic Invasive Species in Rhode Island

This guide provides great pictures of invasive plant species and look-a-like native ones.

Maine's VLAP Plant Identification Pages

These pages provide side-to-side color images of more common invasive and native aquatic plant species.

Maine Field Guide to Aquatic Invasive Plants

This is a very thorough guide from the Maine Center for Invasive Aquatic Plants on learning how to identity invasive and native aquatic plants. 

The Frightful Fourteen

This pamphlet provides color photographs and characteristics of fourteen highly invasive plant species.


Aquatic Invasive Species in New Hampshire's Waters: The past, present and future?

This video created by the New Hampshire Lakes Association summarizes the problems aquatic invasive species pose for NH waterbodies.


2019 Invasive Watch Refresher

A refresher on LSPA’s programs to prevent invasive species and a brief look at some of the plant and animal species we need to keep an eye out for.

Callahan 2017 Aquatic Invasive Species Presentation

Laurie Callahan, Aquatic Biologist, gave this detailed presentation to volunteers at our July 8th Invasive Species Refresher meeting.


NH Department of Environmental Services - Exotic Species Program

This website provides a lot of useful information about aquatic invasive plant species.

Northeast Aquatic Nuisance Species Panel - Invasive Bivalves, Water Fleas and Crustaceans 

This is a great website that describes what invasive animal and plant species look like and allows you to create your own guide. 

USGS Nonindigenous Aquatic Species

This online database provides a wealth of information on invasive animal and plant species including maps and images.

USDA Aquatic Invasive Species

This website provides descriptions, videos and images of invasive animal and plant species.