Wild Goose Pine Grove and Path

1.    SHORT HISTORYLSPA showed its support for increased public access by contributing to the purchase of the Wild Goose site, but the proposal at that time was a carry-in, low footprint boat launch.
2.    PROBLEM: NH Fish & Game (F&G) plans to build a highly controversial boat ramp for motorized boats on a Land Conservation Investment Program (LCIP) site, known as Wild Goose, on Lake Sunapee. 
3.    PROPOSED SOLUTION: The State owns a more suitable site just 1½ miles away at Mount Sunapee State Park.  Existing boat launch and parking can be improved to increase and consolidate launch capacity for motorized boats while leaving Wild Goose for carry-in boating access, swimming and on-shore fishing, as originally conceived.
    a.    Fishermen (more access with a safe launch site) 
    b.    F&G (save money)
    c.    NH Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) (a chance to improve the State Beach and make it a broader recreational experience) 
    d.    Families (Wild Goose will provide a low key family picnic area with a small beach, a launch site for carry-in boats and a boardwalk for fishing)
    e.    Vehicles traveling on Rt. 103 near Birch Grove Rd (safety)
    f.    Lake Sunapee (little or no environmental impact)

5.    HOW STATE OFFICIALS CAN HELP: By visiting Wild Goose; engaging in the discussion; providing executive leadership; and persuading two state agencies (DRED and F&G) to work together to produce a “multiple win” solution to this 20+ year-old issue. 


Existing Conditions



Proposed NH F&G Design

    a.    Town of Newbury strongly objects to the safety hazard created by entering a nearly 60 mph traffic stream with less than 400 feet sight line blocked by a hill in the road.
    b.    Several NH DOT officials have expressed similar concerns.
    c.    High winds at ramp site create safety hazard for motorized boat launching. 
    a.    Estimated $3M cost (including loan interest) to build this ramp is out of proportion to the benefit it would produce. 
    b.    Town of Newbury must pay for the repair and increased maintenance of Birch Grove Road.
    a.    Proposed construction will have many negative environmental consequences: 
        i.    Clear cutting more than 2 of the site’s 3 acres
        ii.    Removing earth and rocks to an average depth of 13 feet
        iii.    Paving 2/3 of the site, causing major increase in harmful storm water runoff
        iv.    Installing 24/7 lighting. 
    b.    Beautiful 3-acre parcel of LCIP conservation land will be forever lost.
    a.    Area citizenry feels that the State is indifferent to local concerns.
    b.    F&G did not confer with the Town of Newbury


Click here to register your concerns with NH Fish & Game by June 16th.

To register your individual opinions on the Wild Goose Boat Launch Project, contact:

Governor Chris Sununu, (603) 271-2121, email: governorsununu@nh.gov
Andru Volinsky, NH Executive Council Member, District 2, (603) 491-0376 or (603) 271-3632, email: Andru.Volinsky@nh.gov.  

Other Contacts:

  • Rep. Karen Ebel, House District Merrimack 5 at Karen.Ebel@leg.state.nh.us
  • Rep. Dan Wolf, House District Merrimack 5 at 763-5176, email: dan@hodan.com
  • Rep. Sue Gottling, House District 2, member of the Resources, Recreation and Development Committee at sgottling@comcast.net
  • Sen. Ruth Ward, District 8,  at 271-4151, email:  Ruth.Ward@leg.state.nh.us

Hello all,


Regarding the F&G Lake Sunapee Boat Ramp and Parking Lot at "Wild Goose":

The next step in the process in Concord is that the full Senate will vote on the biennial State Capital budget, based on the Senate Capital Budget Committee's (SBC) recommendation. (The SBC removed the $3MM F&G Boat Launch from the capital budget.)

 Meanwhile, F&G has sent to the EPA its Environmental Assessment (EA) of the Wild Goose project, as required under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  

 The EA will be available for review by appointment as of May 17, 2017, at:

1.     Newbury, NH, Town offices: 937 Route 103, Newbury, NH 03255; Phone: 603-763-4940

2.     NH Fish and Game Dept.: 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH; Phone: 603-271-3511

3.     An electronic version can be viewed at www.wildnh.com/access/wild-goose.html

 There is nothing new in the report, and F&G will accept written comments relative to concerns about this project, until June 16, 2017, at the following address:

NH Fish and Game Department

Statewide Public Boat Access Program

Facilities and Lands Division

11 Hazen Drive

Concord, NH03301


You are encouraged to once again to send in your concerns!


Many thanks, June Fichter