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LSPA’s watershed steward is Robert "Woody" Wood whose work in the watershed ranges from assisting contractors and others working on the land in the watershed to joint efforts with local road agents to control runoff and erosion.

Through Wood’s efforts, LSPA has received several type 319 Clean Water Act grants from NH Department of Environmental Services to implement various plans to keep water, carrying sediments and pollutants, from running off the land and roads into Lake Sunapee and its tributaries. Measures, including swales, sediment basins, buffer zones, and special “Sunapee Swirler” catch basins, have been installed at Sunapee Harbor, Hastings Landing, and Newbury Harbor.

LSPA was the initiator of the Lake Sunapee watershed management plan idea. LSPA’s Wood and Fichter presented information on watershed planning to the local towns, and this effort led to the formation of the Sunapee Area Watershed Coalition (SAWC). SAWC, through its agent LSPA, has received a $50,000 pilot grant to develop a watershed management plan for the Lake Sunapee watershed. Since 2006, SAWC has met regularly to work toward an increased understanding of what can be done in the area’s watershed to help maintain water quality in the area’s lakes, ponds and streams.

Current News & Topics

Road Salt - Things to Know
Road Salt - Things to Know

The Wild Goose Boat Launch Project....Just the Facts....
The Wild Goose Boat Launch Project....Just the Facts....

Sunapee Watershed Infrastructure Project
Sunapee Watershed Infrastructure Project

8 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Watershed
8 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Watershed

NH Supreme Court issues opinions on Wild Goose
NH Supreme Court issues opinions on Wild Goose

Wild Goose Boat Launch Controversy Continues
Wild Goose Boat Launch Controversy Continues

What Trees Do for You
Many people donít give a second thought to trees, but there are some very good reasons for everyone to appreciate trees.

PAI/LSPA PLANET Day of Service Volunteer Rain Garden Project
PAI/LSPA PLANET Day Volunteer Rain Garden Project
On Friday April 20, Pellettieri Associates, Inc. and LSPA joined efforts to install a rainwater collection and infiltration garden at LSPA.

Why is There No Snow?
Why is There No Snow?
Not easy to answer, but letís try to shed some light on the reasons.

People Who Love Landscaping!
LSPA is looking for volunteers at LSPAís Knowlton House in Sunapee Harbor, who love landscaping.

What is a Natural Environment Worth?
In this time of economic caution and admonition, everything seems come down to cost, cuts and cash.
Traditionally, this has been the weakness of environmental protection.

Demonstration Landscape Project
Demonstration Landscape Project - LSPA's demonstration landscape project for stormwater handling is complete!

NHLA Grant -2010
NHLA Grant-2010 Helps Prevent Invasive Milfoil

Inspiration from Lakes
Inspiration from Lakes - Surprises in and around our lakes

NOAA Project and Local Participants discuss Stormwater
NOAA Project researchers and leaders and local Participants discuss Stormwater Infrastructure in the Sunapee area

Lake Sunapee Watershed Spring Newsletter
Spring newsletter for the Sunapee Watershed Infrastructure Project Updates & Highlights

Sunapee Watershed Infrastructure Project (SWIP) Moves Along
Watershed Infrastructure Project (SWIP) Moves Along-Stakeholders Meet and Upcoming Workshops

Forest Ecosystem Threats
Three exotic insect forest pests are a major threat to northeastern forest ecosystems.

NOAA Project Meeting Minutes
NOAA Infrastructure Project Meeting Results

Lake Sunapee NOAA Infrastructure Project
NOAA & LSPA Sponsored Sunapee Area Infrastructure Project Underway

Toward a Water Resources Plan for New Hampshire
Overview of the N.H. Water Resources Primer

Lake Sunapee Bathymetry
Some Surprises from Lake Sunapee Bathymetry

Management Plan for the Lake Sunapee Watershed, Intro and Chapter 1
The Sunapee Area Watershed Coalition, composed of area town board members and citizens, has completed an initial Watershed Plan.

Management Plan for the Lake Sunapee Watershed Chapter 2
Chapter 2 of the Lake Sunapee Watershed Plan contains a physical description of the watershed.

Watershed Plan for the Lake Sunapee Area Chapter 3
Chapter 3 of the Watershed Plan for the Sunapee Area details water quality.

Watershed Plan for Lake Sunapee Watershed Chapters 4 & 5
Chapters 4 & 5 of the Watershed Plan cover Existing Protection Measures and Potential Pollution Sources

Watershed Plan for the Lake Sunapee Watershed Chapter 3 Figures
The Chapter Three Figures show the water monitoring locations in the watershed.

Watershed Plan for the Lake Sunapee Watershed Chapter 6
Chapter 6 of the Watershed Plan review the recommendations for improving water quality.

Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act Summary
The CSPA Summary from NH's DES is an explanation of the new CSPA rules adopted state-wide on July 1st, 2008.

Watershed Overview
3 slides providing background information for the Lake Sunapee watershed.

A Guide to Responsible Lighting
How to Save The Beauty of the Night.

Navigation Charts
2007 New Edition Navigation Charts now available!

Robert "Woody"  Wood, Watershed Steward

An Installation of a "Sunapee Swirler" sediment basin.





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