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Lake science (limnology) began in earnest on Lake Sunapee in the 1950s, with water quality measurements. These resulted in Lake Sunapee being classified as “A” or adequate as drinking water. Since that time, many studies have been done on Lake Sunapee, the surrounding lakes and the watershed.

LSPA Scientific Advisory Committee:

Kak Weathers (SAC Chair), Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies,

Tim Allen, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Keene State University,

Nick Baer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Colby-Sawyer College,

Celia Chen, Ph.D., Research Professor, Dartmouth College,

Kathryn Cottingham, Ph.D. (SAC Vice Chair), Professor, Dartmouth College,

Deanna Denault, Ph.D., Dartmouth Medical School

Holly Ewing, Ph.D. (SAC Vice Chair), Associate Professor, Bates College,

James Haney, Ph.D., Professor, University of New Hampshire,

Michael Simpson, MS, Core Faculty and Chair, Antioch University,

Ben Steele, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Colby-Sawyer College,

Current Programs

Science at Sunapee
LSPA's Scientific Advisory Committee have recently published their research on freshwater lake topics

Climate Change Already Having Impacts on Lakes in Europe
Climate Change Already Having Profound Impacts on Lakes in Europe
Posted by Lisa Borre in Water Currents on July 21, 2014

The Polar Vortex, Jet Stream and You
The Polar Vortex and the Jet Stream are behaving differently this season, bringing really weird weather to New Hampshire and beyond.

Lake Sunapee Ice Out April 18, 2013
Lake Sunapee Ice Out April 18, 2013

What Trees Do for You
Many people don’t give a second thought to trees, but there are some very good reasons for everyone to appreciate trees.

GLEON 13 - A Success
The international conference,GLEON 13, of international lake scientists, cohosted by LSPA and the Cary Institute at Mt. Sunapee was a tremendous success.

Irene and Lake Sunapee
Tropical Storm Irene did have its influence on Lake Sunapee. View the graphed data collected by LSPA's buoy.

Secrets and Science of Lakes
Secrets and Science of Lakes

Freshwater Jellyfish – Species on the Move
In September, fresh water jellyfish were seen in lakes in NH and MA. Just what are these critters.

Buoy Maintenance
What is it like to maintain a buoy?

News on LSPA's Buoy
The Sunapee Buoy is repaired and back in place!

Springtime Signals Key Lake Cycle
Springtime Signals Key Lake Cycle
Much goes on underneath the surface of lakes as the ice melts!

All About Wind Chill
Wind Chill is an important factor to know when venturing out in the wintertime. Knowing how it is calculated helps to understand this human -related weather phenomenon.

LSPA continues to be active member of GLEON

Cyanobacterial Blooms
There has been recent local media attention to cyanobacterial (blue green algae) blooms in New Hampshire lakes.

Carey’s Graduate Work
Cayelan Carey will be continuing
the data collection work she began last
summer for her dissertation at Cornell.

Snow, Sleet or Rain
It's not so easy to predict whether meteorological conditions will result in snow, sleet, freezing rain or hail.

From the Lake to the Classroom
LSPA is a collaborator in a National Science Foundation effort to bring real scientific data to the classroom.

Lake Sunapee Bathymetry
Some Surprises from Lake Sunapee Bathymetry

NSF Workshop Held at LSPA
National Science Foundation Workshop held at LSPA

John Downing - lake scientist visits Sunapee
During the week of July 21st, Prof. John Downing studied Lake Sunapee, defining the lake bottom contour.

A Busy Summer for Visiting Scientists at LSPA
June and July were busy months for visiting scientists at LSPA!

Lake Sunapee buoy wind rose graphs
Wind direction and freguency on Lake Sunapee from May 27, 2007 to May 28, 2008

How Lakes Freeze
Recently, I have had several people ask about how lakes freeze. I knew some answers, but as I researched deeper, the freezing of lakes can be complicated!

Dr. David Strayer talk on Invasive Species
Dr. David Strayer, senior scientist at the Institute for Ecological Studies, spoke at Colby Sawyer College's Ivey Center

Gloeotrichia study
Scientists work together to study this invasive species.

LSPA's Buoy Data
LSPA launched its Instrumented buoy on August 27th. This buoy is part of a global network of buoys, measuring lake parameters.

LSPA Scientific Advisory Committee

LSPA Lab Manager, Bonnie Lewis, and Assoc. Director, Robert Wood, take water measurements through the ice.

Scientist Kathy Cottingham and students taking blue green algal samples.

Researchers preparing traps and samples.