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Education Programs

LSPA’s Education Director Kathleen Stowell has about 1500 contacts annually with students and adults. LSPA’s school education program under Stowell works with elementary school students in all the local schools. Much of Watershed Steward Robert Wood’s work, and all LSPA’s publications, are also educational in nature.

Stowell provides environmental activities in many of the region’s classrooms and also at various children’s summer programs. She has helped the Kearsarge Regional School District develop a watershed curriculum unit for the fourth grades. As part of the unit, each class spends a day at the Fells with Stowell, engaged in activities to explore local habitats of meadow, forest and stream.

LSPA also has provided teacher training workshops in environmental education and in 2005 was the New Hampshire host for Project WET’s national "Make a Splash" festival, a day at which over 400 local fourth and fifth graders learned about the importance of clean water. In Fall 2007, LSPA will again host the New Hampshire “Make A Splash” day.

How to arrange an LSPA Education Program
If your organization or town would like to arrange to have an LSPA program for your group, call Kathleen Stowell, Education Director at LSPA, 603-763-2210 or by email, at

Programs and Topics

Eco Story Hour for children and their caregivers
Eco Story Hour for children and their caregivers
Tuesdays, 10:00 to 11:00

Ice and Bubblers, Safety and Trekkers
Ice and Bubblers, Safety and Trekkers

Fabulous Fireflies and Other Night Flyers
Tuesday, July 7, 2015,6:00 pm

Stream Side Safari: Walk for Families
Thursday, July 23, 2015, 5:30 pm

Lakeshore Adventure: Walk for Families
Thursday, August 6, 2015, 5:30 pm

LSPA Library Lending Backpacks
Get Outdoors! LSPA has a new way for you and the kids in your life to explore your own backyard.

Beach Advisory Information
Beach Advisory Information

Why is There No Snow?
Why is There No Snow?
Not easy to answer, but let’s try to shed some light on the reasons.

Lead Free Lakes – Good for Loons and People
Lead Free Lakes – good for loons and people
There is a movement underway to make NH lakes lead-free.

Irene and Lake Sunapee
Tropical Storm Irene did have its influence on Lake Sunapee. View the graphed data collected by LSPA's buoy.

Secrets and Science of Lakes
Secrets and Science of Lakes

"Lake Friendly" Dock Choices
Building or replacing a dock is no easy task. Check out our new brochure for help!

Demonstration Landscape Project
Demonstration Landscape Project - LSPA's demonstration landscape project for stormwater handling is complete!

The Loons in Our Neighborhood
The Loons in Our Neighborhood

News on LSPA's Buoy
The Sunapee Buoy is repaired and back in place!

Springtime Signals Key Lake Cycle
Springtime Signals Key Lake Cycle
Much goes on underneath the surface of lakes as the ice melts!

From the Lake to the Classroom
LSPA is a collaborator in a National Science Foundation effort to bring real scientific data to the classroom.

A Few Good Reads:
We find so much in the books we read.

Lake Sunapee Protective Association

LSPA Educator Kathleen Stowell and a group of children explore the forest floor.


LSPA Educator Kathleen Stowell shows children how to use a lens.

"Moses" LSPA's Red Eared Slider.