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Irene and Lake Sunapee

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Tropical Storm Irene did have its influence on Lake Sunapee!

In the Water Temperature graph, one can see the disturbance at the various temperature depths, which normally are fairly straight lines over time in season. This disturbance is due to a combination of water at various depths mixing and water flowing to and from the several basins within the lake.

Graph 2 shows the maximum and mean wind speeds during the storm. Notice the maximum of only 36 mph, but a near zero as the eye of the storm passed.

The Graph 3 indicates an impressive wind change, again as the storm passed.

The PDF above indicates water temperature and dissolved oxygen changes near the surface changes.

Date published on web site: 08-31-2011

Lake Sunapee Water Temperature at Depths
Graph 2: Maximum and Mean Wind Speeds
Graph 3: Wind Direction Changes as Irene Passed by