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"Lake Friendly" Dock Choices
Building or replacing a dock is no easy task. Check out our new brochure for help!

2011 Annual Report Highlights
Lake Sunapee 2011

2011 Lake Sunapee Ice Out
Lake Sunapee ice out was Thursday, April 21st-late in the day!

8 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Watershed
8 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Watershed

A Busy Summer for Visiting Scientists at LSPA
June and July were busy months for visiting scientists at LSPA!

A Few Good Reads:
We find so much in the books we read.

A Guide to Responsible Lighting
How to Save The Beauty of the Night.

A Homeowner's Guide to Lakeshore Living
This pamphlet presents some guidlines for living responsible on a lake or pond.

Adult Snowshoe Walk
Adult Snowshoe Walk
Friday, February 13, 2015

Algae is Thriving in Lake Sunapee
Gloeotrichea noticeable in Lake Sunapee, and surrounding lakes and ponds in summer 2007.

Algae Update
There are five general types of algae in Lake Sunapee and surrounding ponds.

All About Wind Chill
Wind Chill is an important factor to know when venturing out in the wintertime. Knowing how it is calculated helps to understand this human -related weather phenomenon.

All About Winter Lake De-Icers
All About Winter Lake De-Icers

Batman Comes to Sunapee
A full house at LSPA listened as Dr.Jeff Foster made a presentation on the white-nose syndrome disease affecting the bat population.

Beach Advisory Information
Beach Advisory Information

Beaver Dam Breaks
Beaver Dam Breaks sending Muck into Lake

Below the Winter Ice
Lakes and ponds are starting to freeze over and there is a lot that goes on under the ice!

Blue-Green Algae: Cyanobacteria in our lakes
Gloeotrichia echinulata, or “Gloeo,” is a cyanobacterial species that has been appearing in Lake Sunapee regularly since 2004.

Board Representative From Springfield
Sue Venable appointed to the LSPA Board as the representative from Springfield.

Buoy Data Air Temperature
Lake Sunapee Air Temperature September 2007

Buoy Maintenance
What is it like to maintain a buoy?

Burkehaven Lighthouse Repairs
The Burkehaven lighthouse last of the three Sunapee lighthouses to be refurbished by LSPA in recent years.

By All Reports N.H.’s Energy Efficiency Program Saves Money
UNH Report Outlines RGGI Economics and Success

Can We do it - Completely Green Energy
Noteable engineers tackle the following question: is it possible to convert all of the world’s energy needs to 100% renewable energy?

Carey’s Experiments with Gloeo
In both 2005 and 2006, Cayelan Carey placed “traps” to catch the Gloeo migrating from the sediment into the water column. This allowed her to monitor the increase/decrease in colonies entering the water column, and the density of Gloeo near the surface.

Carey’s Graduate Work
Cayelan Carey will be continuing
the data collection work she began last
summer for her dissertation at Cornell.

CIT Article cites Lake Sunapee
California's Institute of Telecom and Info-tech website cites LSPA in a featured article. See LSPA's sensored buoy is part of GLEON and this community based research network.

Climate Change Already Having Impacts on Lakes in Europe
Climate Change Already Having Profound Impacts on Lakes in Europe
Posted by Lisa Borre in Water Currents on July 21, 2014

Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act Summary
The CSPA Summary from NH's DES is an explanation of the new CSPA rules adopted state-wide on July 1st, 2008.

Cumulative Effects: Non-Point Source Pollution
The greatest threat to water quality today.

Cyano Count Program
LSPA has a new "Cyano Count" program for Lake Sunapee.

Cyanobacterial Blooms
There has been recent local media attention to cyanobacterial (blue green algae) blooms in New Hampshire lakes.

Dartmouth Engineers Designing Buoy
Dartmouth students designing GLEON buoy and its communications systems.

Demonstration Landscape Project
Demonstration Landscape Project - LSPA's demonstration landscape project for stormwater handling is complete!

Didymo: The New Invasive
The invasive species Didymosphenia geminata, or didymo was discovered in Vermont June 25th, 2007

Dominant Phytoplankton (Algae) in Lake Sunapee
dominant algae present

Dr. David Strayer talk on Invasive Species
Dr. David Strayer, senior scientist at the Institute for Ecological Studies, spoke at Colby Sawyer College's Ivey Center

Drinking Water Hits the National Headlines
Drinking Water Hits the National Headlines
as Lake Erie's drinking water was overcome by algal growth.

Eco Story Hour for children and their caregivers
Eco Story Hour for children and their caregivers
Tuesdays, 10:00 to 11:00

Eurasian Milfoil
Species Description for Eurasian Milfoil

Extreme Natural Events: A Cautionary Tale for NH
The recent monumental tragedy in Japan is the latest series of events to remind us that we live on earth at the mercy of tectonics, floods, “fire and ice”.

Family Snow shoe Adventure @ The Fells
Saturday - February 21, 2015

First ice on Lake Sunapee
For those hoping for a season of ice-related recreation

Forest Ecosystem Threats
Three exotic insect forest pests are a major threat to northeastern forest ecosystems.

Freshwater Jellyfish – Species on the Move
In September, fresh water jellyfish were seen in lakes in NH and MA. Just what are these critters.

From the Lake to the Classroom
LSPA is a collaborator in a National Science Foundation effort to bring real scientific data to the classroom.

GLEON 13 - A Success
The international conference,GLEON 13, of international lake scientists, cohosted by LSPA and the Cary Institute at Mt. Sunapee was a tremendous success.

Gloeotrichia echinulata
Gloeotrichia echinulata, a blue-green alga, has recently been blooming in Lake Sunapee.

Gloeotrichia study
Scientists work together to study this invasive species.

Help Stop the Spread of Invasive Bivalves
Why Invasive Bivalves are a Problem.

How Lakes Freeze
Recently, I have had several people ask about how lakes freeze. I knew some answers, but as I researched deeper, the freezing of lakes can be complicated!

How YOU Can Save Energy and Reduce Emissions
LSPA hopes members will take energy-efficient measures to save money as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ice and Bubblers, Safety and Trekkers
Ice and Bubblers, Safety and Trekkers

Ice Management Choices for Homeowners
Minimizing Your Impact

Ice Out on Lake Sunapee
Ice Out on Lake Sunapee
April 23, 2014

In the Aftermath of the Sewage Spill
LSPA has been active in follow-ups after the September 12 sewage spill in Georges Mills.

In-Lake Sunapee Cleanup
Harbor Cleanup Joint Effort of Lake Sunapee Protective Association and New London Fire and Rescue Dive Team

Inspiration from Lakes
Inspiration from Lakes - Surprises in and around our lakes

Invasive Animals
There are other aquatic invasive species in New England that LSPA is concerned with.

Invasive Aquatic Plants
LSPA’s volunteer weed watch program discovered invasive milfoil in Georges Mills in the summer of 2001.

Invasive Aquatic Plants
The best way to deal with aggressive, invasive plants is Prevention

Irene and Lake Sunapee
Tropical Storm Irene did have its influence on Lake Sunapee. View the graphed data collected by LSPA's buoy.

John Downing - lake scientist visits Sunapee
During the week of July 21st, Prof. John Downing studied Lake Sunapee, defining the lake bottom contour.

Keeping our water clean
Keeping our water clean - LSPA and Fells volunteers and staff clean up a section of Lake Sunapee.

Lake Sunapee "Fall Turnover"
Lake Sunapee Graph showing "lake turnover"

Lake Sunapee Bathymetry
Some Surprises from Lake Sunapee Bathymetry

Lake Sunapee buoy wind rose graphs
Wind direction and freguency on Lake Sunapee from May 27, 2007 to May 28, 2008

Lake Sunapee Dissolved Oxygen
Dissolved Oxygen Graph for Lake Sunapee

Lake Sunapee Ice Out April 18, 2013
Lake Sunapee Ice Out April 18, 2013

Lake Sunapee NOAA Infrastructure Project
NOAA & LSPA Sponsored Sunapee Area Infrastructure Project Underway

Lake Sunapee Watershed Spring Newsletter
Spring newsletter for the Sunapee Watershed Infrastructure Project Updates & Highlights

Lakes, Ice and New Hampshire Winters
Lakes, Ice and New Hampshire Winters - Research and weather data review tell us that the New England winters are changing.

Landscape Garden Plants
Plants for stormwater absorption, hardiness, low maintenance and natural beauty.

Landscaping Lakeshore Properties
Principles of Lakeshore Landscape Design

Lead Free Lakes – Good for Loons and People
Lead Free Lakes – good for loons and people
There is a movement underway to make NH lakes lead-free.

Legislation and Water Quality
New Bills Threaten Water Protection

Living Green
"Reprinted" from an article on using common earth-friendly solutions to solve cleaning problems.

Local Foods
We as a state are fortunate to have a subsector of the total food system that supports local producers. These local farmers, artisans and the businesses that support them have a measureable impact on NH’s economy,employment and environment as well as making healthful, local food available for NH’s communities.

LSPA continues to be active member of GLEON

LSPA launches GLEON Buoy
On Monday, August 27, LSPA (Lake Sunapee Protective Association) launched the first GLEON (Global Lakes Ecological Observatory Network) buoy in the northeast United States.

LSPA Library Lending Backpacks
Get Outdoors! LSPA has a new way for you and the kids in your life to explore your own backyard.

LSPA Receives Bequest from “Pete” Fellows
LSPA receives an unrestricted $25,000 bequest from the estate of Haynes H. “Pete” Fellows, Jr.

LSPA's Buoy Data
LSPA launched its Instrumented buoy on August 27th. This buoy is part of a global network of buoys, measuring lake parameters.

LSPA's Love Your Lake Day & Antique Boat Parade
LSPA's 2014 Love Your Lake Day & Antique Boat Parade
- Another Big Success!

LSPA’s Wood is Advisor on Regulation Updates
Process initiated to improve various water resource protections in the state of NH.

Management Plan for the Lake Sunapee Watershed Chapter 2
Chapter 2 of the Lake Sunapee Watershed Plan contains a physical description of the watershed.

Management Plan for the Lake Sunapee Watershed, Intro and Chapter 1
The Sunapee Area Watershed Coalition, composed of area town board members and citizens, has completed an initial Watershed Plan.

Maple Sugar and Syrup
A local experience of making maple syrup!

Milfoil "Save"
On June 16th, LSPA Lake Host made another milfoil “Save” this summer.

Milfoil prevention efforts at LSPA
Milfoil prevention efforts at LSPA began in 1998 when we established two aggressive programs (Weed Watch and Boat Launch Monitor) to provide early detection of invasive aquatic plants.

Mount Sunapee Supports Education
The Mount Sunapee Community Challenge Fund supports LSPA’s education programs with two grants.

Navigation Charts
2007 New Edition Navigation Charts now available!

New Threat to Local Lakes, Ponds and Rivers
In summer of 2007, a new invasive threat is found in the upper Connecticut River.

News on LSPA's Buoy
The Sunapee Buoy is repaired and back in place!

NH SB89 Passed!
NH Senate Bill 89 was recently signed by the governor. This bill protects our state’s loon population by increasing existing restrictions on the use and sale of toxic lead fishing sinkers and jigs weighing one ounce or less—still the largest known cause of New Hampshire adult loon mortality.

NH Supreme Court issues opinions on Wild Goose
NH Supreme Court issues opinions on Wild Goose

NHLA Grant -2010
NHLA Grant-2010 Helps Prevent Invasive Milfoil

NOAA Project and Local Participants discuss Stormwater
NOAA Project researchers and leaders and local Participants discuss Stormwater Infrastructure in the Sunapee area

NOAA Project Meeting Minutes
NOAA Infrastructure Project Meeting Results

Now is the TIme to think About Dock De-Icers
Dock De-Icers: Tips for safe and effective use. Help Lakes Have a Healthy Winter...Manage Bubblers

NSF Workshop Held at LSPA
National Science Foundation Workshop held at LSPA

Otter Pond Withdrawals
Otter Pond Withdrawals - extraordinary water withdrawals at Otter Pond.

PAI/LSPA PLANET Day of Service Volunteer Rain Garden Project
PAI/LSPA PLANET Day Volunteer Rain Garden Project
On Friday April 20, Pellettieri Associates, Inc. and LSPA joined efforts to install a rainwater collection and infiltration garden at LSPA.

People Who Love Landscaping!
LSPA is looking for volunteers at LSPA’s Knowlton House in Sunapee Harbor, who love landscaping.

Prevailing Winds at Lake Sunapee
Wind Measurements from the LSPA Buoy

Public Access versus Public Good
Public Access versus Public Good

Rain Barrels
Make your own rain barrel.

Rain Garden & Infiltration "Train"
Controlling Stormwater Runoff

Recycling-It Pays!
A report on recycling locally and in NH-how it can save money for communities.

Retreat Sets LSPA’s Areas of Focus for the Next Few Years
30 members of LSPA’s staff and Board and past presidents worked together all day November 4, led by facilitator Judy Walke, to reach a strong consensus about the most important areas of focus for LSPA over the next three to five years.

Road Salt - Things to Know
Road Salt - Things to Know

Science at Sunapee
LSPA's Scientific Advisory Committee have recently published their research on freshwater lake topics

Secrets and Science of Lakes
Secrets and Science of Lakes

Septic Systems
How Do They Work? How Do You Maintain Them?

Snow, Sleet or Rain
It's not so easy to predict whether meteorological conditions will result in snow, sleet, freezing rain or hail.

Springtime Signals Key Lake Cycle
Springtime Signals Key Lake Cycle
Much goes on underneath the surface of lakes as the ice melts!

State of the Lake, April 2006
Aquatic Macrophytes (Plants) and Invasive Species

Summer 2015 Internship
Summer 2015 Internship
Real World Application of Environmental Sciences

Sunapee Watershed Infrastructure Project
Sunapee Watershed Infrastructure Project

Sunapee Watershed Infrastructure Project (SWIP) Moves Along
Watershed Infrastructure Project (SWIP) Moves Along-Stakeholders Meet and Upcoming Workshops

Sunapee’s Unwanted Guests
As we prepare for the summer season, we at LSPA work on a variety of projects

Taking Lake Sunapee's Winter Temperature
LSPA's GLEON buoy continues to take Lake Sunapee's temperature throughout the winter months.

The Economic Value of Freshwater Systems
The Economic Value of Freshwater Systems -
Some insight into research done on the total economics of freshwater systems such as lakes and ponds.

The Loons in Our Neighborhood
The Loons in Our Neighborhood

The New Aquatic Invasives
New Aquatic Invasives are spread in the Northeast. Zebra mussels, Asian clams and quagga mussels are among the latest "invaders" of our water bodies in NH as well as NY, VT, ME, MA and CT.

The Polar Vortex, Jet Stream and You
The Polar Vortex and the Jet Stream are behaving differently this season, bringing really weird weather to New Hampshire and beyond.

The Sunapee Watershed Plan is Complete!
The Sunapee Area Watershed Coalition has completed a Watershed Plan with recommendations and continues to work with local towns toward an action plan.

The Wild Goose Boat Launch Project....Just the Facts....
The Wild Goose Boat Launch Project....Just the Facts....

Thursday's Child
LSPA night at Coach House Inn
February 26, 2015 - Thursday

Tips for Boaters
Please help us take care of this lake for the pleasure of future boaters.

Tips for Renters
Our "Tips for Renters" Brochure informs visitors about "clean" lake living.

Toward a Water Resources Plan for New Hampshire
Overview of the N.H. Water Resources Primer

Variable milfoil
Myriophyllum heterophyllum (Michx)
Environmental Factsheet Courtesy of NH DES

VHS - Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia
A major threat to freshwater Fish populations.

VT worries about "New" Aquatic Invasives
VT worries about "New" Aquatic Invasives

Water Quality 2006 Overview
Surface water quality in the Sunapee watershed, as in other parts of the northeast, has been impacted heavily by unusually high levels of precipitation for three of the last four years.

Water Quality Monitors
LSPA has a long history of setting and maintaining standards of excellence in our water quality testing program

Water Quality Parameters and Definitions
Water quality parameters which are regularly tested by LSPA include the following:

Watershed Overview
3 slides providing background information for the Lake Sunapee watershed.

Watershed Plan for Lake Sunapee Watershed Chapters 4 & 5
Chapters 4 & 5 of the Watershed Plan cover Existing Protection Measures and Potential Pollution Sources

Watershed Plan for the Lake Sunapee Area Chapter 3
Chapter 3 of the Watershed Plan for the Sunapee Area details water quality.

Watershed Plan for the Lake Sunapee Watershed Chapter 3 Figures
The Chapter Three Figures show the water monitoring locations in the watershed.

Watershed Plan for the Lake Sunapee Watershed Chapter 6
Chapter 6 of the Watershed Plan review the recommendations for improving water quality.

We Are All Connected
We Are All Connected
Smoke from West Coast US fires caused pollution in Eastern US.

Weathers Attends Taiwan Meeting
Fall meeting of the GLEON held in Taipei, Taiwan to discuss findings from the study of dissolved oxygen in Lake Sunapee.

What is a Natural Environment Worth?
In this time of economic caution and admonition, everything seems come down to cost, cuts and cash.
Traditionally, this has been the weakness of environmental protection.

What Trees Do for You
Many people don’t give a second thought to trees, but there are some very good reasons for everyone to appreciate trees.

Why is There No Snow?
Why is There No Snow?
Not easy to answer, but let’s try to shed some light on the reasons.

Wild Goose Boat Launch Controversy Continues
Wild Goose Boat Launch Controversy Continues

Wild Goose Boat Ramp Story Continues
Wild Goose Boat Ramp Story Continues - You Can Help!

Wild Goose Continues
Wild Goose Continues

Wild Goose Project
Wild Goose needs you! Write a letter to the DES Wetlands Bureau.

Winter Use of De-Icers
A Reminder About Winter Use of De-Icers

Workshop Addresses Use of Data
One day workshop held to discuss the use of the data to be generated by the GLEON buoy’s instruments.

“Gloeo” Blooms and Phosphorus
Studies of Gloeotrichia echinulata (Gloeo) a blue-green alga or cyanobacteria blooming in Lake Sunapee, do not hold good news for our lake.

Lake Sunapee Protective Association