Invasive Watch Report Form

We suggest performing 3 surveys during the summer and submitting a report once a month (July, August, September) with the final one sent in by September 30th. Reports help us keep track of which areas are being monitored and where we need to focus our efforts on.

Paper Report

Paper Report

Three Ways to Report

  1. Complete an online report (scroll down) OR,

  2. Complete a paper copy (click icon to the right) and send it to us OR,

  3. Call us at (603) 763-2210, or email describing where and when you surveyed.

Thank you for completing a report!

Online Report Form 

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In case we need to contact you with questions
When did you survey? *
When did you survey?
Please record name(s) of ALL participants
Choose shoreline area(s) surveyed *
For example: Entire survey area - OR - in front of parcels 3,4 and 7. * Please submit a separate form for each area surveyed.
Please check all plants/animals observed (Optional)
Record your observations such as water clarity, trash/fireworks debris, new sediment deposits, waterfowl activity and mussel beds.