LSPA Pennant

$30 each plus S&H

Now available - Official LSPA pennant for your boat or dock; double-sided, right read, high quality nylon with grommets.


New! Now Available!

Navigation Chart
$7.00 each plus S&H

The 18" by 24.5" Lake Sunapee Navigation Chart shows navigation information such as spar and buoy locations, and lake depths. The lake chart includes the surrounding land-based features such as roads and general boating information.


Bathymetry Map
$10.00 each plus S&H

This 16" by 24" beautiful, colorful map shows detailed Lake Sunapee Bathymetry (lake depth), indicated by depth lines and graduated color. It is based on over 100,000 accurate recent sonar-GPS located soundings and is suitable for framing.


New! Now Available!

Lake Sunapee Fish Poster
$10.00 each plus S&H

This one of a kind 18" by 24" Lake Sunapee Fish Poster displays photos of species currently existing in Lake Sunapee and its tributaries, size information of each specie. Suitable for framing.



Loon Island Light Serigraph
$35.00 (not framed) plus S&H

This 26.25" by 35.25" limited edition (250 copies) silk screen print, depicts Loon Island Lighthouse and Mount Sunapee shortly before sunset on a summer evening. by, Kate Emlen Chamberlain, a distinguished Upper Valley artist.


Logo items

Check out our LSPA signature items:

  • Tee shirts - Selective sizes
  • Water bottles - Limited amount
  • Coffee Mugs - Limited amount
  • Tote bags

All with the LSPA blue and green oval logo. Available at LSPA, Sunapee Harbor, NH

Lake Sunapee Protective Association