LSPA Science

Lake Science (Limnology) began in earnest on Lake Sunapee in the 1950's when LSPA conducted water sampling and testing for the presence of E. coli. The test results indicated a Class A water quality standard for Lake Sunapee - which means the lake water was adequate as drinking water.

Since those first samplings and tests, LSPA has broadened its sampling and testing capacities and breadth to include thousands of annual samplings and tests from Lake Sunapee and over 25 surrounding lakes, ponds and watershed.

Today, LSPA's Lake Science efforts are informed and led by the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC):   

Kak Weathers (SAC Chair), Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies,

Tim Allen, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Keene State University,

Nick Baer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Colby-Sawyer College,

Celia Chen, Ph.D., Research Professor, Dartmouth College,

Kathryn Cottingham, Ph.D. (SAC Vice Chair), Professor, Dartmouth College,

Holly Ewing, Ph.D. (SAC Vice Chair), Associate Professor, Bates College,

James Haney, Ph.D., Professor, University of New Hampshire,

Michael Simpson, MS, Core Faculty and Chair, Antioch University,

Ben Steele, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Colby-Sawyer College,