List of Winners to our 2018 Photo Contest!


First place: Cindy Benson, Field Fog, Old Coach Rd., Sunapee

Second place: Raymond Barrette, Emerald Island in Winter, Lake Sunapee

Third place: Kirk Ramsey, Early Morning Fog Moves in on Boathouse


Having Fun:

First place: Kerri Claus, Dogs Take a Break and Enjoy the View, Mt. Sunapee

Second place: Raymond Barrette, Boys Fishing from Rock, Burkehaven

Third place: Jon Root, Newbury Harbor Yoga, Lake Sunapee



First place: Sharon Feeney, The Forest Floor, Mud Pond

Second place: Deborah Crowley, Breakfast Time at Murray Pond

Third place: Madeleine Martin, The Beauty of Autumn, Blye Hill, Newbury



First place: Charlie Moore, Winter Landscape, Lake Sunapee

Second place: Charlie Moore, The Fireworks Show! Lake Sunapee Harbor

Third place: Brett Hogan, Marybeth and Ellie Having Fun, Birch Point, Lake Sunapee


Honorable Mention:

Kelby Cushman, Foggy Morning, Herrick Cove Boathouse

Nacho Guevara, Chasing Light on the Lake, Lake Sunapee

Buddy Sanborn, Becalmed Ripples, Loons and Sailboats

Anne Sharp, Family Dog Fletcher Helps to Capsize Boat, Jobs Creek, Lake Sunapee

Kim Tuthill, Kitewing Sailors, Lake Sunapee


Staff Choice:

Jay Fitzpatrick, Snowstorm, Little Lake Sunapee

Nacho Guevara, Lighthouse Emerges from Fog, Lake Sunapee

Ann Holl, Morning Fog over Little Lake Sunapee

Mark Pasculano, Ice Ridges,  Lake Sunapee

Kirk Ramsey, Lake Sunapee Sunrise, White Shutters, Sunapee



David Blohm, Barbara Calhoun, Jean Connolly, Paul Howe


Thank you to all who submitted to our 2018 Photo Contest!