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Becoming a Wolf, Chris Schadler

Wild canid ecologist Chris Schadler of Project Coyote discusses the fascinating ecology and surprising behavior of the eastern coyote, and how we can coexist. While wolf recovery was the focus of her early work, Chris' attention shifted to the eastern coyote when she moved to New England. Using sound livestock management, she avoided any predation on her farm. Chris spends time in northern NH researching coyote feeding patterns.    

New Hampshire’s 5,000 coyotes account for more than their numbers:  Sculpted from wolf and dog hybrid vigor, niche opportunity, and lack of competition, they live among us, thriving on our settlements, our injured deer, our logging and attempts to diminish them.   A blend of wolf strength and pack know-how as well as coyote determination and persistence, they occupy the top slot in the food chain. 

The eastern coyote is the dog that won't lie down.  All attempts to slow them have failed and we now must reckon using different logic.  Lethal control produces more coyotes so lethal control must end.  Coyote biology controls coyote numbers so that the best survive, and no more; no more than the land can support.   And if and when the wolf returns, the wolf will resemble our coyote because its DNA is now the coyote's.  Will the coyote keep the wolf from our door?

Where: LSPA's Learning Center, 63 Main St., Sunapee Harbor

Free and Open to the public!