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Watershed Statistics

The Lake Sunapee Watershed is approximately 29,888 acres or 46.7 miles square miles (121 square km) and lies in Merrimack and Sullivan Counties and portions of six towns (Newbury, Springfield, Sunapee, New London, Sutton and Goshen). There are 13 lakes and ponds in the watershed with Lake Sunapee being the largest and Murray Pond the smallest. Lake Sunapee is a 4125 acre waterbody with a mean depth of 37 feet (11.4 meters) and a maximum depth of approximately 112 feet (34 meters) as determined by a 2008 bathymetric survey. Lake Sunapee is relatively long and narrow with a length to width ratio of about 4 to 1 and a water to land ratio of 6 to 1. Lake Sunapee has a total shoreline length of about 33 miles (53 km). 

1:6 Ratio Water to Land in Watershed