Water Quality


The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) has created a interactive surface water quality map that provides links to historical and current lake trophic survey reports, current volunteer lake assessment program reports, exotic aquatic species distribution information and mercury in fish tissue data. More than 1,500 reports on greater than 750 lakes from 1975 to 2016 are available via this map.

Zoom in and click on Lake Sunapee or other waterbodies located within the watershed to access a pop up menu that displays the lake name, waterbody ID, trophic status, reports by year, and other information. TIP: Try a different browser if mapper isn’t working.

LSPA Water Quality Program

In 1986, LSPA began sampling the water quality of Lake Sunapee and tributary streams to monitor the health of the lake. LSPA also maintains a water quality buoy that came on line in 2007 that records data both from the water and air in real time.