The LSPA Learning Center

harbor room

LSPA hosts many events and its Speaker Series in the Harbor Room at The Learning Center overlooking Sunapee Harbor. We also offer the Harbor Room to other non-profits and community organizations for their meetings and small events. 


outdoor classroom

LSPA's Coughlin Outdoor Classroom is used for educational classes for children and families. Classes are conducted by LSPA's professional environmental education staff. 



LSPA's demonstration rain garden and "water chain" provides a self-guiding tour of landscaping techniques and plants to handle rainwater in an environmentally friendly way.



LSPA has gone solar! The solar panel array is located above the Coughlin Outdoor Classroom and powers the facility, with electricity to spare. To see how much electricity the system is generating now or in the past click here. See YouTube of LSPA goes solar in 2015.



Among the exhibits at LSPA are Moses (above), a loon display with mounted loons, live trout (seasonally), aquatic plankton under a microscope, a 3-D model of Lake Sunapee and its watershed and related ponds, a Kid's Corner with activities, and a host of informative posters.