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Become a Volunteer

The Lake Sunapee Protective Association relies on its active volunteers. Join us. Call the office 763-2210 for more information.

Water Quality Monitors:
Sample Lake Sunapee’s tributary streams and sites in the coves on a regular schedule during the summer months and deliver samples and data to the LSPA Water Quality Laboratory at Colby-Sawyer College. Back-up water quality monitors are usually needed.

Weed/Invasive Watchers:
Well over 100 individuals are LSPA weed watchers, monitoring the shoreline and lake bottom for aquatic plants and reporting their findings to LSPA. Protect yourself! Our best defense against invasive plants is to have active weed watchers. Join the weed watchers, learn what to look for, and monitor your own shoreline.

Board and Committees:
The Board of LSPA works often through committees, which include both Board members and other volunteers. Committees welcome additional members. Call the office 763-2210 for more information. Committees include:

 - Land Preservation                       - Landscaping
 - Membership                                 - Loons
 - Education                                     - Love Your Lakes Day

 - Knowlton House                          - Communications

 - Watershed Conservation            - Bubblers

 - Aquatic Invasive                          - Events

Interested? Send us an email today to find out about opportunities.

Volunteer Water Quality Monitors pour their collected samples into lab bottles for analysis at the LSPA lab.