Invasive Watch

The purpose of this program is to find and remove any aquatic invasive plant or animal before it spreads in Lake Sunapee.

The original LSPA Weed Watch Program was started 12 years ago to help prevent invasive species from becoming established in the lake.  Starting in 2014 we have changed the name of the program from Weed Watch to Invasive Watch because we are now focused on preventing the spread of invasive plant and animal species such as the Asian clam now found in 4 NH waterbodies.  Please click here to access the new Invasive Watch Website, where you can submit your report on-line. The new website includes information and pictures of invasive and native aquatic plants and animals.


Survey Maps

Click here to see the whole map (PDF) of Lake Sunapee and Weed Watch Areas.

Click below for a PDF file of your section of the lake.


Invasive watch report in Word Format

Above is the report form for you to fill out and e-mail to Geoff as an attachment.


2009-2011 Aquatic Plant Survey

This survey was completed to acquire a comprehensive list of aquatic plants currently growing in  Lake Sunapee and to look for any exotic species. The results of the survey can be viewed in an Excel or PDF table format.  This information is being provided to help weed watchers identify plants growing in their survey areas.  For pictures of these plants, please click on Maine's Interactive Field Guide link found below.