Ground Penetrating Radar on Lake Sunapee

In September and October of 2015, Dr. Steve Arcone of Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL - located in Hanover, NH), used ground penetrating radar (GPR) in select areas of Lake Sunapee. Three different size transmitters were used over three days. Dr. Arcone's interest lies in sub-bottom stratigraphy of lakes and ponds in New Hampshire. Data collected were analyzed and interpretations made about possible causes for material formations of the lake bottom due to past geological events. Dr. Arcone was assisted by Michele Maxson, Nathan Lamie and Seth Campbell of CRREL. LSPA staff piloted the pontoon boat used to pull the GPR units in rubber dinghies.

Click here to view a February 2016 presentation given by Dr. Arcone at LSPA.

To view images of the GPR files in an interactive map click on the button below. Click here for definitions of some geomorphology terms helpful when viewing the map. 

Each file represents one transect. Click on adjacent button to view a interactive "story map" where you can view an illustrated image from each transect.