LSPA Educational Events



"Out and About!"  10:00 - 11:00 am

     Get out and about in nature at LSPA in the harbor at the learning center!   LSPA presents a series of educational programs designed for pre-school and school age children and their caregivers.  Come to one session or all - each program is organized around a different ecological theme.  All programs are filled with hands on learning through sensory experiences, guided exploration, creative  play, art, and music.  Programs are free.  Come join the fun! 

[Themes and activities are subject to change depending on the weather.]

Wednesday, August 2nd - 4:30 to 7:30

The Caterpillar Lab

Come and experience this amazing event - The Caterpillar Lab! 

This traveling museum exhibit will have a diverse array of live caterpillars, photographs, and scientific tools used in caterpillar study.  Visitors are invited to walk in and explore the mock lab at their own pace. Stay for a few minutes or stay for the whole three hours! The staff will teach attendees of all ages about caterpillar biology, using a question-and-answer format.   Come learn about these fantastic, secretive creatures and see them up close and personal.

This event is co-sponsored with Sunapee's Abbott Library