About Us


LSPA, founded in 1898, is a member-supported nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the special environment of the Lake Sunapee region, through education, research and collaborative action.



LSPA works year-round to maintain the quality of Lake Sunapee and its watershed. LSPA’s educational outreach is to all residents, lake users, students and visitors in the Lake Sunapee region. LSPA has over 1000 family and business members who support LSPA financially and volunteer as weed-watchers, water monitors, lake hosts or on a variety of committees.

LSPA’s programs focus on: water quality and watershed science and on education and outreach for children and adults. We actively engage in scientific research, water quality sampling for laboratory analysis of water quality factors, prevention and control of invasive aquatic species, and education programs. LSPA’s quarterly publication, the Beacon, keeps members up to date.

The annual operating budget of LSPA is funded almost entirely by the annual membership contributions of its members, which range from $25 to over $5000. Additional sources of funds are special donations, bequests, and grants.

LSPA offers brochures on a wide variety of topics: landscaping, lake and watershed “friendly living”, responsible lighting, septic systems, invasive plants, algae, and zoning regulations in the watershed towns.

If you are a new Lake Sunapee area homeowner, or are considering new construction or landscaping at your home, LSPA’s Watershed Stewards are available to help you plan projects that will be “lake friendly”. Call LSPA at 763-2210.

Lake Sunapee

"We are all its caretakers…"